Abich started and actively promotes collaborations and partnerships with Universities, Research Centres, Organizations and Companies.

Thanks to the collaborations with Universities and Research Centres, Abich exchanges knowledge and competences which bring to life inventions and innovations contributing to the mutual development and innovation, thus laying the basis for further research activities.

Partnerships with Companies allow to meet market needs better and faster, to offer integrated services to customers effectively, and to gain more competitive shares of the national and international markets.



University of Turin: Abich collaborates with the University of Turin on the Epatocare project, which aims to identify early biomarkers of liver fibrosis for a non-invasive diagnosis.

In particular, Abich, together with the Molecular Biotechnology Centre of the University of Turin, will study extracellular microvesicles (EVs) originating in the liver and present in blood, as a possible source of diagnostic markers.

University of Camerino: Abich has been contributing to the teaching programme of the II-level university specialisation course in “Science of cosmetic and dermatological products” since 2012.

Both Dr. Stefano Todeschi, CEO at Abich, and Dr. Elena Bocchietto, Director of the Abich Assay Facility, teach in the specialisation course and share their expertise with the students.

University of Ferrara: Abich contributes to the teaching programme of the II-level specialisation course in Cosmetic Science and Technology (COSMAST).
San Raffaele Hospital in Milano: in collaboration with the Molecular and Cellular Immunology Laboratory of the Biotechnology Department (DIBIT) of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Abich created the spin-off company ALLTOX.

Thanks to this collaboration, innovative tests to detect skin allergies associated with finished products, cosmetic raw materials, medical devices, and consumer products have been created since 2003.