Abich provides experimental research services using innovative integrated technologies, as well as specific consulting activities: bibliographical evaluation, clinical data analysis and toxicological assessment for cosmetics, medical devices, supplements, natural products, active ingredients, and raw materials.

One of Abich’s strong points in the consulting field is the regulatory support it provides while keeping the customers’ and partner companies’ technical documents constantly updated.

The most useful platforms for regulatory support include Cosmetica Italia for cosmetics and SITOX (Italian Toxicology Society) for toxicology.
Consultancy services offered by Abich:

  • Product formulation and development: cosmetics and medical devices;
  • Technical reports, risk analysis and drawing up of ER table (essential requirements): for medical devices, in line with the Directives EU 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC;
  • Clinical data analysis: through bibliographical analysis in line with the UNI EN ISO 14155 standard;
  • Registration assistance: for first notification or market release of medical devices;
  • Research and development projects:Abich has a dedicated division;
  • Technical dossiers of cosmetic products: (PIF – Product Information File) in line with the European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009;
  • Regulatory assistance: for import/export and registration of new cosmetic products;
  • Cosmetic Product Safety Report: in line with the EC Regulation 1223/2009;
  • Centralised electronic notification: for cosmetic products through the new CPNP – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal in line with the EC Cosmetic Regulation n.1223/2009;
  • Scientific marketing and communication;
  • Toxicological evaluation: (Safety Assessment) for ingredients and raw materials.