Moisturizing and deep hydration test with TEWL measurement

Regulatory reference: Guidelines to Commission Regulation (EU) No 655/2013
Claim: Hydrates the skin
Application field: Cosmetic products.
Description of the test: Test on healthy volunteers with the following instrumental measurements:
  • Corneometric measurements of the epidermal conductivity and TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) at T=0 and T=2 hours after application;
  • Measurement of the hydration levels at T=0 and T=6 hours from application at a depth of 0.5–1 mm.

Employed instruments:

  • Corneometer® CM285 (Courage-Khazaka GmbH, Germany) – Multiprobe Adapter Systems MPA® (Courage-Kkazaka).
  • Tewameter® TM300 (Courage-Khazaka GmbH, Germany- Multiprobe Adapter Systems MPA® (Courage-Kkazaka).
  • Moisture Meter EpiD – Delphin.
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