Abich laboratories are a part of Lifeanalytics Group

Since November 2021, Abich Srl laboratories are a part of Lifeanalytics Srl, the largest Italian analytical testing network, a consortium that includes 46 laboratories in 15 regions, sporting over 40 years of experience in analytical chemistry and microbiology services for the food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

The Group also provides analytical services and support for work safety, for food and environmental contamination testing. These services provide additional professionality and structured support to health and hygiene consultancy services, to auditing, and for the evaluation of product labeling, with specific attention to the definition of shelf life through targeted challenge tests.

Analytical activities will be managed within the network in order to guarantee services and quality in compliance with the highest international standards.

Through 3 hubs in the Veneto, Piemonte and Campania regions, we are able to provide tailor-made services with competitive timing, technical expertise and the highest level of standardization through state-of-the-art instruments and cutting-edge competences.

The quality of our services is attested by the most relevant certifications and recognitions in the sector.

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