Reduces signs of aging

Hyaluronic acid synthesis test

Regulatory reference: Proprietary method.
Claim: Anti-aging and Reduces signs of aging
Application field: Raw materials and finished products.
Description of the test: In vitro evaluation of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid up to 48h following exposure to the sample, in several concentrations, on skin and dermal papillae fibroblasts.
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Evaluation of skin smothness, elasticity and compactness

Regulatory reference: Guidelines to Commission Regulation (EU) No 655/2013
Claim: Anti-aging, Reduces signs of aging and Illuminating
Application field: Visage products for mature skin.
Description of the test: Instrumental evaluation of R0, R2 and R9 parameters.
Instrument: MPA580 Cutometer® for the determination of skin viscoelasticity.
Manufacturer: Courage-Khazaka GmbH (Germany).
The L* parameter is also quantified for skin brightness. The effect is quantified through reflection colorimetry using a CL-200 Chromameter Measurements of parameters L* and b* are performed before and after the application of the product.
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